5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like New on a Budget

Update and refresh your space on a budget with these five ways to make your home feel like new again.

There’s nothing like moving into a new house. Your home is a sanctuary that serves as a base for you and your family. However, with wear and tear, your home can start feeling less inviting.
Doing a remodel isn’t always financially possible, but fortunately, there are many ways to refresh your space.

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Here are five ways to make your home feel like new again on a budget.

1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your home is a great way to change its look, and you can choose to do as much or as little as you want. Whether you do an accent wall or every room, you can paint your walls, make them look clean and eliminate chips.
You can warm up your walls with cozy colors or make your home look larger by adding lighter, cooler colors. Water- or latex-based paints are easier to clean, but they will likely need a new coat sooner than an oil-based one.
If you want a change but like the colors you have, consider repainting with a different finish. You’ll make your home feel like new without completely changing its look. If you currently have a matte finish, consider repainting with a glossy finish to make your walls shine more — or vice versa.
To keep your home looking fresh, experts recommend giving your interior a new coat of paint once at least a decade. If you’re able, consider keeping small paint samples around to patch over any chips or scrapes as they happen so they don’t become a larger problem.

2. Upgrade Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware

While kitchen and bathroom upgrades can get pricey, updating your hardware can easily give the room a new feel for less than replacing your cabinets and countertops.
Faucets, handles, showerheads and doorknobs all contribute to the look and feel of these rooms. Dull and rusty hardware can make your room look old, no matter how much you scrub.
Replacing everything often costs less than $500 and can turn these rooms from drab to fab. Silver, gold and copper-plated options are popular choices that offer a high-end appearance without the premium price. You can change your room’s look by switching it to a different style, like going from traditional to contemporary shapes and detailing.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

Your furniture says a lot about your home. The size, shape, color and amount you choose to keep in each room can indicate whether you are a minimalist or maximalist, show your desired aesthetic and indicate where you like to hold gatherings.
Placing your furniture in a different configuration could open up another part of your floor, giving your spaces a new feel. If you haven’t moved your furniture since you first moved into your home, you may not realize how much potential your space has.
You could also change out your furniture by selling your old set and using that money to purchase a new one. If you have any antiques, which are 100 years or older, they can be worth a lot depending on their condition. You can also save money on new furniture by shopping at thrift stores or estate sales.

4. Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting significantly affects your home’s vibe, and upgrading to new fixtures and better bulbs could be what your house needs to feel like new.
There are many ways to change your lights, including swapping out the color of your bulbs. Different colors can change how we feel in a space, with cool undertones keeping you awake and warm undertones relaxing.
You can also change the style and color of your lighting fixtures to reflect a new aesthetic. Many stores provide vintage-inspired pieces to revitalize your space, while others provide custom options. Whether you choose to go to something new or want to clean your fixtures deeply, your home should look better.
If you can incorporate natural light, you’ll reap some of the many mental health benefits it provides. Exposure to the sun’s rays can regulate your circadian rhythm, boost your mood and improve your physical health. Placing your furniture next to windows and only artificially lighting the areas without natural light can help you feel more positive about your home.
Don’t forget about exterior lighting. You can hang lights for a new aesthetic or have them come on automatically in the evening to make your home more welcoming when you come home.

5. Add New Window Treatments

Changing your window treatments can quickly transform the look of almost any room. Changing
the color and opacity of your drapes, sheers and blinds can make your room feel like new.

You probably do not think about your window treatments when hanging out at home, but you will likely notice a change. You can layer different treatments to let light in during the day and keep it
out at night.
Make your rooms look larger by placing your curtain rods around 6 inches above your window and choosing lighter colors. However, you can brighten up your room with fun colors. If you go with blinds, consider adding smart ones you can dim from a phone. If you have young children, choose pull-down blinds without cords for a neat and safe change.
If you have drapes that you love, consider giving them a deep clean to make them look and feel like new.

Make Your Home Feel New Again

Your home is a special place but over time, it can feel old and unenergetic. When you make small, inexpensive changes, you can fall in love with your home again.

Author bio: Cora Gold is a home and family blogger and the Editor-in-Chief of women’s lifestyle
magazine, Revivalist. You can find Cora on Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  1. I LOVE this post! You’ve inspired me to change my window coverings and to rearrange my living room furniture, which I’ve procrastinated doing! I like your white table and chair set for our kitchen eating area. Would you mind sharing the source? Thanks and Happy 4th!

  2. What a great post Lynne! I agree that sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

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