DIY Chalk Paint

Do you love the smooth, matte look of chalk paint?  Use what you have at home and follow this simple recipe to make your own DIY chalk paint using plaster of Paris and acrylic paint.

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Have you ever thought about what a big impact a little paint can make?

Do you like to transform dated furniture and accessories and give them a new life for very little money?

I am a big fan of chalk paint and have been using it in my home for years. I have used it on furniture, cabinets, and accessories throughout my home. The only problem is that chalk paint can be pretty expensive to buy and with us all being at home, it may not be easy to get.

Don’t buy it, when you can make it instead. Use what you have at home and follow this simple recipe to make your own DIY chalk paint!

How can I make my own chalk paint?

You can easily make your own chalk paint at home.  The recipe is quite simple. It only requires three ingredients that you probably already have. You need water-based paint, in flat or eggshell finish, Plaster of Paris and water. Just mix one part Plaster of Paris to three parts paint.

Before deciding on a paint color in my home, I usually get a sample size of the paint to try out on the wall. I had a pint of Benjamin Moore paint in an eggshell finish, which is perfect to use to make chalk paint!



  • Plaster of Paris
  • Latex paint (flat or eggshell works well)
  • water
  • container with lid
  • measuring cup
  • plastic spoon or stirrer



  1. Measure Plaster of Paris and put into a clean container.
  2. Add water and mix. You want to add enough water to create a smooth paste with a consistency similar to sour cream or mayonnaise.
  3. Add paint and mix thoroughly.

Why use chalk paint instead of latex paint?

I am a big fan of chalk paint because it is so easy to use. There is no need to prime your project before you paint. Always clean the piece to remove any dust or dirt before applying. This paint has great coverage and adheres well. It will take about 2-3 coats to cover completely and leaves a smooth, chalky matte finish.  This type of paint is easy to distress and create a chippy, rustic look.

Do I need to seal chalk paint?

Sealing a painted piece a matter of preference and use.  If it is going to get a great deal of wear and tear, I would definitely go ahead and seal it.  A common sealer that I use for chalk paint is wax.  I like to use a clear wax.  This wax deepens the color, gives the piece a little bit of sheen, and is very easy to apply.  Using a waxing brush, rub the wax onto the painted piece.  Then, using a clean cloth, buff the piece.  I like to use my husband’s old t-shirts.


This old tray got a quick and easy update with this DIY chalk paint.  I put the tray on my porch and set my DIY Faux Mercury Glass Votive Holders and Dry Brush Painted Flower Pot on it.

Now that you know how easy and inexpensive it is to make chalk paint, what painting projects are in your future?


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  1. Chalk paint can be so expensive. It’s nice to know that there is a way to make your own.

  2. Julie Briones says:

    Love chalk paint.. and DIY is even better! 😉

  3. I didn’t realize making chalk paint was so easy, I am going to have to try this with some paint I have at home. Thanks for sharing Lynne.

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