Simple DIY Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Your home is your sanctuary. You might put a lot of effort into keeping it clean and filling it with
items that bring you joy. However, a bad odor can quickly ruin all of that hard work.
While you can light candles and use plugin air fresheners, those solutions don’t last forever –
and they can sometimes release chemicals into the air. Luckily, there are plenty of simple, DIY
ways you can keep your home smelling fresh. Here are some fun methods to try.

1. Bake Cookies or Bread

Artificial baking scents are just cheap imitations. Go for the real thing by whipping up a yummy
for you or some guests. The smell of warm bread or delicious sweet treats will have
mouths watering and noses twitching.

pumpkin bar with cream cheese frosting on a plate with fork

2. Use the Microwave

Clean your microwave and add a refreshing smell to your kitchen in one swoop. Place half a
lemon and a cup of water in a bowl and microwave it for three minutes or until the door is nice
and steamy. Leave the door closed for at least five minutes, then open it up and wipe any
cooked-on messes right off. Your kitchen will smell like citrus for hours.

sliced oranges, apples, cinnamon and cloves with water in blue pot

3. Fill a Simmering Pot

A more old-fashioned method than the microwave is to simmer a pot of fragrant ingredients on
the stove. Fill the pot halfway with water and add your favorite spices or fruits, depending on the
scent style you’re going for. Fall is perfect for anise and cinnamon, while spring begs for lemons
or other citrus. Go with these combinations or come up with concoctions of your own.

4. Neutralize Refrigerator Odors

Small spills and leaks mixed with the odorous remains of food long expired leave an
overwhelming stench in your refrigerator. Instead of getting in and out as quickly as possible or
leaving it closed when company comes over, tackle those odors head-on.
Give the entire thing — inside and out — a good scrub down. Remove any expired food. Then
add a dish of baking soda or coffee grounds to absorb nasty smells as they happen. A cotton
ball with essential oils or vanilla extract can also cover unpleasant odors.

view of lemons, plants, and yellow towel

5. Send Peels Down the Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink, you know all too well the horrific smell it
occasionally creates. You can purchase products to send down and improve the situation, but
you likely already have what you need for a DIY solution. Citrus peels are incredibly fragrant
and will wear away at odors clinging to your mechanism.

6. Dry Fresh Flowers

Floral arrangements are gorgeous and fragrant, bringing the smells of nature into your home.
However, they only last a week or two at most. Delight in their scent and beauty for even longer
by drying them — dried blooms can last several years if you complete the process correctly.
You can choose between several methods, varying in speed and difficulty level. The easiest
way is to use your microwave or oven to dry the flowers quickly. Hang and desiccant drying take
longer but produce better results. When you’re done, you can display the bouquet as is and
enjoy its fragrance as usual, or crumble the blooms into a potpourri and add spices or essential
oils to enhance the scent.

faded hydrangea blooms with leaves removed on a table

7. Renew Your Carpets

Your carpets can hold on to those odors, despite regular vacuuming. Have someone come in
and clean your carpets professionally if it’s been a while. However, DIY methods are effective at
removing the smells in between washings.
Combine baking soda with a little bit of your favorite essential oil. Crumble the mixture over your
carpets and let it sit for at least 15 minutes, but longer is better. Afterward, vacuum like usual.
The baking soda will absorb odors and the essential oil will cover them. You can also use this
mixture on your bare mattress to keep it fresh.

8. Make Homemade Room Spray

Room sprays you buy at the store may mask odors in your home, but at what cost? You’ll be
breathing in unnecessary and potentially dangerous chemicals in the name of a better-smelling
home. Instead, create a homemade version so you control the ingredients and scent.
You’ll need three basic components — a distilled water base, an essential oil, and an emulsifier
like alcohol to keep the oil and water together. You can have fun creating your scent and trying
new combinations. Store your room spray in a glass bottle so you don’t create waste every time
you make a fresh batch.

9. Add a Few Drops of Oil

In many instances, a few drops of essential oil can transform the smell of your home. You just
need to place it where you’ll smell the most impact.

Your bathrooms likely leave something to be desired in the scent category. Get ahead of nasty
smells by adding some essential oil to the inside of your toilet paper rolls — the scent will
activate every time someone grabs some. Another option is to sprinkle essential oils on your
HVAC filter, spreading your favorite smells throughout your home.

view of couch, ottoman, and tray with hydrangeas

Develop Your Signature Scent

If you keep up with regular household chores and employ your favorite tips from this list, your
friends and family will beg to come over. Have fun experimenting with different scent
combinations until you come up with your home’s signature scent.

Author bio: Cora Gold is a home and family blogger and the Editor-in-Chief of women’s lifestyle
magazine, Revivalist. You can find Cora on Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

photo of Cora Gold of Revitalist

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