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How to Decoupage a Pretty Planter

Using craft paint and napkins, this pretty decoupage planter is a simple, budget-friendly DIY for your Spring home’s decor!

blue and white decoupage planter on tray

Spring time is the perfect time to refresh our home’s decor!

If you’re like me and want to refresh it on a budget, you’ve come to the right place!

Today I am excited to be joining a very talented and creative group of ladies who are part of the “Thrifty Style Team”. A big thank you to Julie from Redhead Can Decorate, who hosts this amazing group of bloggers!

Our theme is (as always) thrifty, affordable, free, inexpensive, dollar store, garage sale, or hand me down home styling/decorating ideas. I know you will love all of their creative ideas for your home this Spring!

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My Planter

Last month I shared this easy side table makeover, using an old table that I had belonged to my grandparents. I had found it in the basement, while cleaning out my family’s home. This home was built by my grandparents and then belonged to my mom. You can read more about this special house here

While cleaning out, I had also found this planter. I brought it home with me and used it for a while, but the style didn’t really fit into my decor. Recently, I decided to change it up with the help of a little craft paint and a couple of napkins.

view of decoupage planter before

Materials Needed to Decoupage a Planter

  • planter
  • acrylic craft paint
  • 2 sponge paint brushes
  • pretty napkins (I used two for this project.)
  • Mod Podge matte sealer

Thrift stores, tag sales, and flea markets are great places to find a variety of inexpensive planters for this project. You could also use a terracotta pot.

How to Decoupage a Pretty Planter

  • First, paint your planter. My planter took 3 coats of paint to completely cover it.
  • The planter won’t take long too dry. When it is drying, you can begin to prepare the napkin to decoupage.
  • Open your napkin and separate the layers of the napkin. Be sure to use only one layer of the napkin. You can toss the other layers.
  • Find the part of the decorative napkin that you would like to use. Gently tear the napkin into smaller, manageable pieces.
  • Working in small sections, apply Mod Podge to the area of the pot, using a sponge brush. Gently lay the piece of napkin on the pot.
blue and white decoupage planter drying
  • Then, add a little more Mod Podge on top of the napkin to adhere it to the pot.
  • When you have finished, let it completely dry. Then, give the pot one more coat of Mod Podge to seal it.
blue and white decoupage planter on tray

I love how this planter now mimics the look of classic blue and white chinoiserie.

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Helpful Tips for Decoupaging Using Decorative Napkins

Here are a few helpful tips for decoupaging your own pretty planter:

  • When decoupaging, it is best to work in small, sections.
  • Tearing the napkin, instead of cutting it with scissors will give the edges a softer, smoother edge.
  • To smooth the napkin, dip your finger in water and gently smooth out the napkin.
  • Your napkin may not be completely smooth and that is ok. Resist the urge to play with it too much. Once it is dry, give it a final coat of Mod Podge to achieve a smoother look.
blue and white decoupage planter on tray

What a fun Spring project!

How wonderful that craft paint and a simple napkin can make a pretty planter! I am so happy with how this came out and am enjoying it in my family room this Spring.

I am already thinking about how I can decoupage more planters for my home. Maybe I’ll make some smaller pots for fresh herbs in my Spring kitchen. Where would you put a pretty planter in your home?

Thank you so much for visiting today. I am so grateful for you! I would love to connect with you on FacebookInstagramPinterest, or here on the blog! 

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Be sure to head over and visit my creative blogging friends! You are sure to be inspired by these amazing ladies!!

The Thrifty Style Team

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  1. Marianne Songbird says:

    That planter looks so pretty! Love the blue and white napkin you choose. Pinned!

  2. I love this Lynne! Anything blue and white makes me swoon!

  3. When I first saw this I had no idea it was decoupaged! I thought you purchased it that way. You did a great job on it…wow! xo

  4. I think we are on the same wave length! I love the blue and white and the napkins I find are so beautiful I can’t not decoupage with them!!!! I love this napkin though and I don’t have it yet! I am on the lookout now! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Lynne this turned out so good!!! I love the blue napkins you picked. So smart to paint over the pot and the blue and white looks so good. Great makeover!

  6. Lynne… this is absolutely gorgeous!! I definitely need to try this.

  7. This looks fantastic! So does your fiddle leaf…I killed so many of them that I had to just get a fake one!

  8. Your planter turned out fabulous! I love that you took the trim and placed it around the top edge! So creative, Donna

  9. That is such a good tip! If you tear the napkin it gives you softer and smoother edges. I had no idea. Thank you for the inspiration and the instructions. The “new” pot looks fabulous.

  10. This turned out absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love it. xoxo, kristi

  11. This is gorgeous! Such a fantastic job on this planter!

  12. what an amazing transformation! I never thought about painting over a design on a pot! great idea!

  13. Lynne, I absolutely love this idea! Especially loving the blue and white pattern you chose. You have such a warm and inviting home.

  14. Such a beautiful vase! I haven’t had much luck decoupaging with napkins in the past, but this makes me want to give it another try.

  15. Gorgeous planter spring flowers.
    Happy Spring,

  16. Stunning! My challenge is where to find pretty napkins like that!

  17. It looks AMAZING!!! What a super neat idea and how simple! There are so many pretty napkin prints out there to choose from as well. Thanks so much for sharing this fun project!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Rachel! I hope you give it a try! If you do, please tag me. I’d love to see what you do!! xo

  18. I’m visiting from the Grace at Home link-up at Imparting Grace. I love this idea! I got some terra cotta planters a while back because they were the only ones in the size I needed, but I don’t like that color. And I have some pretty napkins left over from Mother’s Day. I think I might give this a try!

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