5 Favorite Budget-Friendly Home Organization Tools


Happy January!  Now that all of the Christmas decorations are put away and (hopefully) the last pine needle has been vacuumed, life is all about cleaning and organizing.  Every store you go into is prepared to sell you the latest in home organization.  I love this time of year when everything feels clean, fresh, and new.  However,  you don’t need to break the bank and spend a great deal of money to get yourself organized.  Here are some of my favorite, budget-friendly home organizational tools.

  1.  Baskets:  I love baskets.  They are decorative, and can keep your home organized and tidy, while adding some charm.  I use them all through my home to organize everything from snack foods in our pantry to washcloths in our linen closet.  Around the house, baskets hold books, magazines, newspapers, and even bathroom tissue.  They can be found in almost any store, at a variety of price points.  Some of my favorite places to find baskets at Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s.https://myfamilythyme.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/baskets-in-linen-closet.jpghttps://myfamilythyme.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/bathroom-basket.jpg
  2. File Folders:  With all of the papers that come into our home on a daily basis, everyone in our family has their own file folder.  File folders are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors and fun patterns.  Each family member can use their folder to store any important papers that might be needed later.  At just $25, this Fold N’ File from Thirty One Gifts is the perfect way to organize and store our family files.  Now, when I need that permission slip or sports form, I can put my hands on it pretty easily.  I try to go through each family member’s file once every few months, or when they become a little too full, to stay on top of things.  https://myfamilythyme.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/file-folder-organizer.jpg
  3. Trays:  Trays are very popular right now and are a great organization tool for corralling clutter or like items.  I like to use one in the kitchen, to keep the counter relatively clear, as well as on the coffee tables in the living room and family room.  They also are perfect spaces to create some fun, seasonal vignettes.  I have found my trays for under $20 each at both Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. https://myfamilythyme.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/kitchen-tray.jpghttps://myfamilythyme.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Family-Room-Tray.jpg
  4. Jars:  I am a big fan of jars.  They are classic, timeless, and inexpensive.  In the craft room, I use jelly jars to hold small items like buttons and pins.  In the kitchen, I jars can be used for  everything from holding baking ingredients to utensils.  Adding some cute chalkboard tags just makes these jars even better! https://myfamilythyme.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/jars-in-craft-room.jpghttp://blog.myfamilythyme.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/fall-kitchen-table.jpg
  5. Decorative Photo Boxes:  These boxes are perfect for pictures, but have so many other uses too!  Pretty and economical, these decorative boxes can be used to store stationary, office supplies, as well as personal momentos and keepsakes.   You can find them in Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for just a couple of dollars each.https://myfamilythyme.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/photo-boxes.jpg

What are some of your favorite budget friendly organizers?  Have you found any items or systems that have worked well?  I would love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Lynne – These are some great ideas – and very easy to implement. I love that tray on your kitchen counter – so unique. And photo boxes — I forgot all about those. I have several hiding in the top shelf of my closet — I need to bring them down and use them !! Thank you for the inspiration !!

    1. Hi Kristine! Thank you for your kind comment. It is appreciated! I am glad that you found this post helpful. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  2. I have that file holder from 31, but in a different pattern!! And I love the photo boxes 🙂 Great organizing containers!!

  3. These are really wonderful. I have to be careful about buying trays, I am running out of space! lol
    I could use a few jars though.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year, Pam! Thanks so much for your kind comment! Best wishes for a great start to the week!

  4. Great ideas. I love especially those decorative boxes, they look so nice. And they also seem so practical. You can put al lot of small things in them.

  5. I use all of those, but it is a nice reminder. Baskets are probably my favorite since they look different depending on the type, color, size, weave and unique additions like chalk boards or fabric. Good ideas!

    1. Baskets are my favorite too! I do love lining them with fabric and little tags are so much fun! I hope you’re having a great week, my friend! 🙂

  6. Hi Lynne, what a great selection of organizing baskets, trays and boxes. Love them all!

  7. What a great selection of organizing baskets, trays and boxes. I use decorated boxes a lot and love how they keep me organized.

  8. I use file folders and jars too. They sure help organize and decorate.
    I love your pictures too.

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